New 2019 Swift caravan offers!

You may have spotted the incredible 2019 Swift caravans ranges have now been revealed!

This year Swift have revealed two 8ft wide caravans, one as part of the Sprite Super caravans range and one as part of the Elegance Grande range. These are truly stunning masterpieces of design, the increase in width has made a HUGE difference to the layout of the caravans in such a fantastic way.

Not only have they introduced the 8ft wide caravans they have also updated the interiors and technology used on all of their 2019 Swift caravan ranges.

Exclusive 2019 swift caravan offers

And last but not least we have some a SWIFT SPECTACULAR PROMOTION available for you to enjoy.

basecamp offers
sprite eccles challenger offers
elegance offers
These fantastic deals are available on orders from now until Sun, 21st October 2018.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to pop into our indoor caravan showroom or contact us on or 01752 341133